IELTS Classes Offered

Efficiently prepare for the IELTS exam with our classes in one week.
Every week, we offer four live classes: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.


In each class, you will experience how each section of the exam looks like.
You will be taught how to tackle the exam, and provided with all the information and material you need to give your best in the real test.


If you have a basic understanding of the English language, there is no need to spend weeks of your time and loads of your money preparing for the test.

Just sign up for a class with the links below, and get all you need to face IELTS.



Pay less, get more:
Simplified explanations
Effective preparation plans
Friendly, interactive tutoring

IELTS Reading: Mondays 4pm

IELTS Listening: Tuesdays 4pm

IELTS Writing: Wednesdays 4pm

IELTS Speaking: Thursdays 4pm