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IELTS Rapid Prep

Prepare for IELTS efficiently with our rapid prep classes. Get more covered in less time.

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Career counselling

Explore schools abroad. Get reliable information about the programs you want to pursue.

Get in touch via whatsapp @ +1 514-594-8999, or send an email to info@eduexpand.co.in

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Apply to schools

Once you know all you need after getting in touch with us, apply fast and easy with our experts and get the offer you deserve.

Why EduExpand

We are familiar with the problems students face before and after reaching their study abroad destination. 
At EduExpand, we aim to help students achieve their career goals by assisting them choose correct programs and schools abroad. 
We also help prepare for IELTS so that students can get the scores they need to get into the schools they want.

What’s more?

You have our support even after you reach your study destination. From help choosing the right school, to help growing your career and network once you get there. We have got you covered!